I am Thomas Oswald and I can make your life as pilot easy

Since 1991 I fly commercially ... Airline, Business Jets, as a flight instructor and examiner. In Europe, the USA and even in India. I also worked in space research as a physicist.

I've seen a lot, experienced a lot and am at home in all branches of aviation.

This knowledge and the expertise that I have accumulated over decades, I make available to you, be it in the form of my apps, which I use myself almost every day, or I can help you personally to achieve your goal in aviation.

Do you need help to get your performance up to speed? No problem, I have decades of experience as a flight instructor and examiner and access to aircraft and simulators of all sizes and designs. You can also try my apps to help you doing your job.

Are you just trying to find a way to train as a pilot ? No problem, I will explain to you exactly what is important, what you have to pay attention to and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each way. And I work with the best flying schools.

Or is the upcoming pilot screening at the company of your dreams giving you sleepless nights? I did the screenings at different companies and wrote the appropriate software. I'll show you what to look for and guide you through the screening process.

Are you looking for an examiner ?  I am FE, TRE, CRE and IRE

If you are an operator or organization, you can book me as trainer or speaker. I offer all courses required by PART-ORO. I also offer to write the operation manual according to EASA.

Any questions or interested ? Then please contact me via the corresponding contact form, email, or simply call me.

Bye for now,

Dr. Thomas Oswald

Gefällt mir

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phone. : +43 699 10031034

email: office[at]aeroware.at

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