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Our Products and Software for Pilots

Here you find our software for pilots and other applications.

Aircraft Log

Aircraft Log is the first electronic aircraft log system. The app was developed in cooperation with an Austrian Business Jet Operator, so it is well tested and optimized for Flight Operations according to EASA. The app is most suitable for private aircraft operations and FTOs, as well as aircraft engaged in charter business. MORE INFO !


Apps4Pilots: Our apps4pilots are small but useful apps for your Android device or your Apple iPhone or iPad, to make you life as pilot easier. MORE INFO !

Aviation Navcalc

Aviation NavCalc is the ultimate companion during Your aviation career. It is an iOS and PC version of a flight navigation calculator. A version for Android devices will be available soon. MORE INFO !

Our Visual Systems

In 2002 we developed a Visual System for professional Flight Simulators, using cutting edge technology, which resulted in detailed weather phenomena which no other visual system had at this time. Currently we can offer several different versions which are part of many professional Flight Training Devices, worldwide.  MORE INFO !


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