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Electronic Aircraft Log

Aircraft Log is the first electronic aircraft log system for your Apple iPad. It was developed in cooperation with an Austrian Business Jet Operator, hence it is well tested and optimized for Flight Operations according to EASA. The app is most suitable for private aircraft operations and FTOs, as well as aircraft engaged in charter business. If you expect the functionality of the app to be different, due to procedures in your area or at your company differ, please let us know. Chances are good, we can develop a specialized app for your demands.

A pro-version suitable for large scale commercial operation as well as a version suitable for operations according to the regulations of FAA are under development. Please check our web-site at regular intervals for up to date information.

Key Features

  • iCloud support to synchronize the flights between multiple devices.
  • Export function to export single flights or the complete log as csv file via email.
  • Items to be exported can be selected individually.
  • CSV files can be used by Excel or similar spread sheet software packages.
  • Total values can be adjusted.
  • Log sheets can be exported and sent by email.
  • A flight log page can be generated and exported to be signed and filed, according to regulations.

use this link to download a short manual in PDF format.
aircraft_log_manual.pdf (371.96KB)
use this link to download a short manual in PDF format.

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