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Our Navigation Calculator: Aviation NavCalc

Are you pilot, flight instructor or student pilot ? Then this app will be a valuable tool for you.

Aviation NavCalc is a flight navigation calculator app.Currently it is available for Windows, Android and iOS. It incorporates all standard features of a common handheld navigation calculator and uses graphical capabilities for better visualization of the solution to the Navigation problem.

Aviation NavCalc can solve all the standard problems, showing up in the navigation part of flight training and the examination. It consists of several different modules, each designed to solve a kind of problem. To facilitate the reuse of numbers in different modules, many modules have an import and/or export feature. With this feature, numbers can be exported to a main module, and from there they can be imported again, into an other module. There’s an export or import button in modules, where it makes sense to have this feature.

The Software can be used for practical flight planning and it is a valuable tool for flight students. Virtually all navigation problems which can show up at the examination, can be solved with this app. 

Key Features:

  • Time speed distance
  • Wind triangle
  • Wind out of 2 drift angles
  • Unit conversion
  • Dead reckogning
  • Great circle computation
  • Fuel calculation
  • Conversion between time and degrees of longitude
  • All kinds of altitude and airspeed calculations
  • Crosswind calculation
  • Point of no return, point of safe return, point of equal time
  • No ads

Aviation NavCalc is available for your Apple iPhone or iPad and can be downloaded at the App-Store, the Android Version on Google Play.

The older Windows Version, NavCalc II runs on all computers with a Windows operating system Windows 95 or higher and can be bought on our web-shop. A demo version is available for download below.


Download on the Appstore


Aviation NavCalc. Get it on Google Play


NavCalc II demo
Here you can download the demo version of our NavCalc II software (1.41MB)
NavCalc II demo
Here you can download the demo version of our NavCalc II software (1.41MB)


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