Andro Bearing

Andro Bearing will show you the right app not only for pilots.

Andro Bearing is an augmented reality app which can be used to take two bearings to any object you can find in your vicinity. You point the object or landmark with the cross on your screen and press the respective button. Andro Bearing will show you the magnetic bearing, as well as the true bearing to your landmark, along with your position.

Once you have the first bearing, Andro Bearing will show you the vertical and horizontal offset angle between your landmark and the present direction of your aiming cross. So you can measure the angle between 2 points...when you are a sailor, you will know what to do with such an angle. You can use it for navigation. Or you can use simple trigonometry to calculate the size of distant objects. The app saves the bearings, so you can get the two bearings from two different positions, even when you have to close the app or switch of the device in between. 

By clicking a button you can further switch to Google Maps, where the locations of the positions where you have taken the bearings, are marked and a red and a blue line show the directions of your bearings. So you can make a cross bearing and display it on the map.



  • uses the high-tech sensors of your android mobile phone to measure position, orientation and declination (the difference between the direction to geographic north and magnetic north, pilots call it variation)
  • augmented reality technology, which is right on the cutting edge of what is possible with modern embedded devices
  • you can switch between camera mode and map mode.
  • when taking the bearing, the app is averaging over several sensor readouts to increase accuracy. (only in the full version)
  • the angle between 2 objects or landmarks can be measured.
  • locations and directions of two bearings are drawn on Google Maps.
  • a low pass filter is implemented to supress sensor noise. The filter can be switched on and off by using the respective menu item.
  • the bearings are saved and will be available, when you open the app next time.
  • no ads

Whether you are pilot, sailor, scientist, engineer or outdoor sportsman, you will find this app extremely valuable for navigation, direction finding, orientation or simply for fun. We have many additional features in mind for future updates, so we would appreciate your comments or suggestions to make this app even more valuable for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Please be advised that the quality of the results of this app depends heavily on the quality of the sensors of your phone. Some devices do not even have a magnetic sensor, then the app does not work. If you feel that the quality and accuracy is not as good as it should be, try to calibrate your sensors. If it still does not work, please contact us. There might be a variation on some hardware platforms, we are not aware of. So it is very important that you test free version of the app on your device before you buy the full version.

The app needs several permissions to be granted for installation. It needs permission to use the gps and the camera. It also needs permission for the internet. This is necessary for the Google Maps technology which is implemented in the app. No data of any kind is sent by the app to the outside world.

There are two versions of Andro Bearing in Google Play Store, a full version, which costs a small amount, and a demo-version which is free, but does have a very limited functionality. Here you can try before you buy and test, if the app works on your device.

Here you can find the full version:

Here you can find the free demo version: