Conditions of use

  1. Applicability: This document regulates the conditions under which an ordering process between a consumer and us as company takes place. It is set up in accordance with Austrian law, especially the "Fernabsatzgesetz" and the "Konsumentenschutzgesetz".
  2. A consumer who places an order confirms that he has read and accepts the conditions of use.
  3. Ordering process: The customer can place an order by using our online order form or by contacting us directly via email. As response he receives an email with an attachment which contains a receipt where the price and the banking details are included. The customer can then transfer the given amount of money to our account. As soon as the money is on our account, the product will be sent by standard mail.
  4. Returning policy: The customer has the right to cancel an order at any time before the product is sent. He has also the right to return the product two weeks after he has received it. The price of the product will be completely refunded. If the value of the product is above €40,00, we will pay the shipment for sending back the item, otherwise the customer has to pay it.
  5. Exclusion: The return of a product according to 4) is not possible if the customer damages the item in a way that it can not be resold. If the product contains data which can be easily copied e.g. music on a CD or software, a refund is only possible is the package has not been opened.
  6. By placing an order the customer agrees that Thomas Oswald Aerospace Software stores the data for processing the order and keeping the customer informed about updates and product news. If the customer does not want to be informed about our product news he can tell us by any means of communication available. The data will not be shared with anyone outside our company.
  7. This web-site uses cookies to enhance the customer related information presented. Certain information is transfered to google to present customized ads. Most browser include the functionality to block ads and cookies. Please find the relevant information about your browser of choice in the documentation. Only use our web-site if you agree with the condition mentioned in this paragraph.