Math Trainer for Pilots


How are your mathematics skills ? How fast can you perform easy calculations without paper and pencil, or make quick estimations of difficult calculations ? 

These skills you need to have when you are a the cockpit, but also at the pilot screening, to get into a cockpit in the first place....

Luckily, everyone can improve these skills, and this app is the best tool for your math training. And you can do this wherever you are using your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The app is completely easy and intuitive to use. It has 6 sections where different mathematic skills can be trained and improved. Each test comprises 15 or 20 questions selected from a pool of several 100 or generated dynamically, and you have a limited time to answer each question. The highscore and the result of the last try is shown on the menu screen, so the app works a bit like a game...yes, studying and learning can also be fun...

The tests:

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS Max - 2019-06-08 at 13.18.42_iphonexspacegrey_portrait
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS Max - 2019-04-16 at 23.13.00_iphonexspacegrey_portrait
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS Max - 2019-04-16 at 23.12.39_iphonexspacegrey_portrait
  • The estimation test lets you estimate the result of a difficult calculation which is impossible so solve within the limited time available.
  • The fraction test asks for solutions of easy calculations which include fractions under time pressure
  • The word problem are exactly what you would expect...word problems...
  • The number series tests your ability continue a sequence of numbers by logical reasoning. You have to find the logic of the number sequence and find the next number.
  • With the arithmetics test you can improve and train your ability to perform simple calculations really quick.
  • The cube test is a bit tricky. You have to take the sum of the points on the front sides of the cubes and the sums of the points of the back sides of the cubes and subtract the smaller values from the larger. If one of the cubes shows this number of points, klick on this cube. If not, click on the cube which shows the questionmark. And this under time pressure ! Got it ? Have fun, captain :-) 


All of these tests are part of most pilot screenings one way or another. So the more you train these skills with this app, the higher the chances are, that you end up in the cockpit of your dreams. And if you are already in the cockpit of your dreams, you should train anyway, because exactly these skills you need as pilot to deliver optimal performance.

Even if you are not a pilot, it makes sense to train your mathematics skills with this app. It is fun, and being able to perform quick calculations can help you in many professions and in many areas of life.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email: or check my youtube channel for tutorial videos regarding this app. Also check my other pilot apps in the App Store and on Google Play.