Stop these endless discussions with crew-control and avoid those embarrassing violation reports in future, because you inadvertently busted your duty limit.

EASA FTL 2016 is a small and easy to use app for your Apple iOS or Android device which helps you to determine the maximum allowable flight duty period and the minimum rest time according to EASA ORO.FTL.205 and ORO.FTL.235.



  • easy and intuitive to use.
  • calculation according EASA ORO.FTL.205 and ORO.FTL.235. which is in effect since February 2016.
  • the possibility of a flighttime extension is taken into account.
  • the effect of Window of Circardian Low (WOCL) is taken into account.
  • the effect of the state of acclimatisation is taken into account.
  • effect of the place of last landing (homebase or not) is taken into account for the computation of the minimum rest time.
  • split duty.
  • Fatigue risk management system.

Please be aware, that local regulations and company procedures can further restrict the regulations, so never forget, that you as pilot are ultimately responsible for acting according to the regulations.

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