The Austrian FTL app



*** Austrian Edition ***

Flight Duty Austria is the Austrian Edition of the well known and proven app Flight Duty Calculator. It helps you to determine the maximum allowable flight duty period and the minimum rest you need after that duty. In the Austrian Edition, the extensions according to AOCV are implemented.


  • easy and intuitive to use
  • calculation according EU-Ops subpart Q
  • duty-time extension included in calculation
  • Window of circardian low (WOCL) included in calculation
  • shift due to the difference between local time and UTC
  • effect of the place of first departure (homebase or not)
  • Split Duty (AOCV)
  • Rest time extension due to time-zone change (AOCV)
  • Single pilot operation (AOCV)
  • Shortened rest time (AOCV)

Please be aware, that local regulations and company procedures can further restrict the regulations, so never forget, that you as pilot are ultimately responsible for acting according to the regulations.