Flight Duty Calculator (FAA, FAR part 117)

Let an app compute your flight time limit. This is an app for pilots who fly under FAA regulations, a FAR part 117 calculator.

Stop these endless discussions with crew-control and avoid these embarrassing violation reports in future, because you inadvertently busted your duty limit.

Flight Duty Calculator (FAA) is a small and easy to use app for your Android or Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, which helps you to determine the maximum allowable flight duty period, the maximum flight time and the minimum rest you need after that duty.


  • easy and intuitive to use
  • calculation according FAR part 117
  • augmented and un-augmented operations
  • rest facility class considered
  • considers if un-acclimated
  • number of sectors considered
  • flight time limitation
  • duty time limitation
  • the settings are stored between the sessions

Please be aware, that local regulations and company procedures can further restrict the regulations, so never forget, that you as pilot are ultimately responsible for acting according to the regulations.