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Thomas Oswald Aerospace Software Newshttps://www.oswald.aero/Home/index.php/#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308Aviation NavCalc is now available for Android and iOS !https://www.oswald.aero/Home/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308?a=20170123130859-4205&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308Are you pilot, flight instructor or student pilot ? Then this app will be a valuable tool for you. Find more information on the product-page. Sun, 22 Jan 2017 18:30:00 GMThttps://www.oswald.aero/Home/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308?a=20170123130859-4205&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_42593082017-01-22T18:30:00ZFlight Duty Calculator App now for free !https://www.oswald.aero/Home/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308?a=20161227130242-7703&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308Our app Flight Duty Calculator computes the flight duty limitations and minimum rest time according to EU-Ops subpart Q, which was superseded by the new EASA regulations which are in effect since February...Mon, 26 Dec 2016 18:30:00 GMThttps://www.oswald.aero/Home/index.php/;focus=W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_4259308?a=20161227130242-7703&m=d#W4YPRD_cm4all_com_widgets_News_42593082016-12-26T18:30:00Z


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